Oh the crazy life of mine...
2001-10-31 00:31:50 (UTC)

baging ur head against the wall anD JOEY AKA TEX!!

ok last nite even though jeff told me 100 times over not to
bang my head against the wall i was stupid and didnt
listen... so i passed out 5 times casue of it... my head
hurt like a mother... it was badddd..... but im writin
about JOEY AKA TEX for he wants to be in here... JOEY IS
COOL!!! HE IS IN MY BIO CLASS.... yeah ok thats it... hes
hott.. jk jk... anywazs... my head sstill hurts and
tomorrow is halloween and i dont kno if im goin out for i
have a project to do and i can't handle it... alll this
shit is overpowerin me... ok i am... here are
lyrics that explain me
Every single day i walk down the street
i hear people say baby so sweet
ever since pueberty everybody stares at me
boys girls i can't help it baby
so be kind but dont waste ur time
jsut remember im ur baby

take me for wat i am
who i was ment to be
and if u give a damn
take me baby or leave me..