a little piece of me
2001-10-30 23:11:47 (UTC)

and yet another day...

damn...i've been awake too long. i had to get up early to
study for a test, since i didn't do enough of it last
night. i don't have any clue how i did, either. probably
not so well. i didn't know the first question (this was a
lab practical...looking under a microscope and identifying
parasites to species...ugh), so i freaked out. i just
stressed myself out more than i needed to. anyway, after i
handed the test in, the teacher looked at my shirt (it's my
concert shirt!!) and he was asking me about slipknot. see,
i had this teacher last year for genetics, so i know him
pretty well. he listens to shit like devo (haha!!).
anyway, i told him about the concert, and he just cracked
up. he's way too cool to be a professor. lol. we have a
lot in common. he was a bio major/art minor in college.
we both like the same types of art, so we're always talking
about that. he's just so damn cool. you really have to
work for your grades in his class, but he's still a good
teacher. he's pretty fair (yeah, i say that cause i got an
a in genetics, and had an a in parasitology...lol).

i have another test tomorrow, but i think i'm going to
study for a little bit tonight. i'll get up early and
study in the morning, too. i always do better when i do it
that way. it's so cold in this friggin house. i'd turn
the heat up, but that costs money, and i'm trying to save
what little i have. i want to go see michael over
thanksgiving break, so i have to cut as many corners as i
can. even though i plan on driving (it's like a 13 hour
drive...ugh), it's going to cost a lot for gas. i might
have to wait a few more weeks and go over christmas
break...that way i can save more money and stay a little
longer :) i'll see.

i've been dl'ing music and videos like mad lately, and i
dl'ed the rammstein vid for 'ich will'. i must say,
schneider and oliver look really fucking hot with their
mowhawks. i love mowhawks, i love oliver and schneider,
and i love mean german boys...all together, that's a lethal
combination! i had to wipe the drool off my chin after the
silly vid was over!!! damn they're hot. i know, i'm
weird :D more fun for me. lol.

alright, well, i guess i've rambled on and on about nothing
for long enough so i think i'm gonna go. it's cold, so i'm
going to hunt down some gloves or something...my fingers
are so cold they don't want to type!!! alright, bye for