Random Notes By A Nameless Nobod
2000-11-12 23:27:29 (UTC)

November 12, 2000 Sunday 6:07..

November 12, 2000
6:07 p.m.

Well, today was quite boring. I did nothing but read a Stephen King
novel called "Insomnia". It is really good. It shouldn't take me
too long to read it is only about 400 pages long. I have to go back
to school tomorrow. Oh, lucky me. If it weren't for having to wake
up at 5am every morning after going to bed around 11am-ish, I would
be fine. I went to Heather's house around 6pm on Friday. We went to
her church. We got home at around 9 and Shannon and her new
boyfriend Matt showed up about an hour later. Heather and I both
though Matt was really attractive. Since Shannon called before she
came, we knew Matt was going to be there. So, we both changed out of
our pajamas. I don't know why, Matt is taken. What did we think we
were going to do, break them up and take Matt. Sometimes girls do
stupid things without thinking about it. Anyway, I got home
yesterday at around 5am-ish. When I got home Mom and Dad weren't
even here. Teddy(brother) was asleep on the floor with the
television blaring. Since everyone was gone I decided to go to sleep
(Heather and I didn't go to sleep until 5:30am the night before).
When mom got home, I got in trouble for not rushing home and cleaning
up the house. Well, forgive me. What did she do wait all weekend
for me to get home to do it. Don't get me wrong, my mom is awesome.
Sometimes she really gets on my nerves though, as I am sure I do
her. Christopher(step-brother) was here this weekend as always.
Teddy and him got in a huge arguement about leaving the bedroom door
closed. Christopher always wants it open, but Teddy sleeps with it
closed all week. Teddy got so mad he got back up and waited for
Christopher to go back to sleep. We watched Saturday Night Live. It
was basically about the stupid elections. Speaking of the elections,
when are they going to over. I am an Independant, but I want Gore to
win. At this point though, I just want SOMEBODY to win. Gore is
being a baby about the whole thing. He should just accept his
failure. Bush isn't really being that helpful though. Well, I guess
that is all for today.

For Your Information:
Reading- "Insomnia" by Stephen King
Watching- Will and Grace