* Karlie *

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2001-10-30 23:10:29 (UTC)

Tuesday (day two)

O.K. well today hasn't been too bad but I didn't talk to my
bio teacher about missing last week so I HAVE to do that
tomorrow :( Today I went over to Georges and we were
watching Road Trip (again) and he laid on my lap and then
he kinda held my hand... it was weird. Boys are weird!
Sometimes I don't know what he thinks. I mean we are
really good friends I know that but it's just I don't
know... kinda flirty. I think that's just how he is with
me sometimes though. Anyway... today I skipped lunch so
that was good! :) and for dinner I had cereal and a turkey
breast sandwhich which was about 500 calories... the most I
can have so no more eating for me! I'm not too hungry so
hopefully I won't want anything later. Yesterday Jenn,
Amir, and Sara all got breadsticks and Cheesy bread and I
was so proud that I said no... I ended up just watching
them eat which was O.K. by me cause if I had gotten some
I'd be killing myself right now so it's a good thing I
didn't! Day 2 of 31 is almost over! I know I can do