Schmarmish Blaffle
2001-10-30 22:54:26 (UTC)


So. This is the place where I write down what is happening
in my life, huh? Well, I'll tell you....
NOTHING. And a big fat load of it too.

Should I be more specific about my life that is nothing?
My sister is a clepto. She took my shirt today and expected
me not to notice- but Nikki did, yelled "YOU'RE WEARING
MARLEY'S SHIRT!!!!" as loud as she could, and Day begged
her not to tell, but, of course, she did. And Day got shit
from both me and mom.
What else?
My Grandmee and Granddad are comming to day. Yay!
Umm... damn. I seriously have nothing to write about. I
have nothing.

fish sticks,