Forgotten Misery
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2001-10-30 22:52:23 (UTC)


Well today was a wonderful exciting day um not!!! Actually
I have kinda been in the blues all day due to marissa I
know how she feels and its all so sad. A quote we came up
with talking in first period well more like note writting
but anyways "The pain never goes away, I just learn how to
hide it better" And the other Love never dies it just
changes. By quote un quote Krysten and Audrey or as you
know us better by Marissa and Andrea. Another thing to add
to my wonderful day is my spainish teacher asked me if I
was ok today becuase I have been acting differenly for
awhile I told her my grandma is dying and thats hard on me
but thats only just the half of it and the rest I will keep
to myself. I have the guard meeting at 7 tonight and get
to meet the new instructors im actually really excited even
though im not sure if im doing it or not due to I am going
to apply at 2 places. Also hm I have 3 test tomorrow on
halloween that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anways im out 4 now