interesting me
2001-10-30 22:38:37 (UTC)

I decide to do this because I..

I decide to do this because I need somebody to talk to and
I need some advice from people. I wont tell you my name
just yet (maybe later if I remember). But I just broke up
with my boyfriend last friday, it was also my birthday.
Can you believe that he didnt even call, I mean damn if it
was him I would have been on the phone first thing in the
morning. But I broke up with him for that reason and for
the reason that hes cheated on me like 5 times. The nerve
of some people. I mean fine if youre not in love with me
or dont want to be with me, end it, but dont cheat on me.
But I did love him and this is where my trouble starts. Im
still in love with him but I am also in love with another
guy. The guy I am in love with is the sweetest guy that I
have ever met. He helped me through everything with my
ex. He helped me through the cheating that Matt did. He
helped me through a friends death. I love this guy. And
incase youre wondering Matt is my ex guy. And the other
guy is Andrew. Andrew means the world to me. I want to be
with him, but I am afraid that I will get hurt the way Matt
hurt me. I dont want that. I have been through enough
hurt in my life. I will explain all that to you one day.
Im not ready for that, and I dont know why cuz its not like
I am ever going to meet you guys. But I dont want to get
into that at the moment. So what I am asking you to do is
to give me advice on what to do. Should i stay single for
a lil while, or should i hook up with Andrew before its too
late and I loose him for good this time? Remember i really
love this guy. Any advice will be helpful. thanks