I cannot believe this is my life.
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2001-10-30 22:27:24 (UTC)

After school.

PDA? What the fuck? After school me and Andrew were hugging
in the halls, and the principal comes up to me and says "No
public display of affication." Oh please. Right. Like she
hasent seen 2 people hug before. Its not like I was ripping
off his pants screaming "Take me now!" My school sucks.
Pah. After history class me and Katey went out to lunch and
Brandi walks into Pizza Hut and waves, then glares. "I
waited for you!" she wasent really insulted, she had Ian
and Sean. She told me that Andrew had 2nd lunch So I was
trying to hurry Katey, but then he showed up. Yaaay. ^-^ Me
and Andrew have opposite lunches and it sucks ass.
Maryl was in a bad mood today. I'm was starting to think
that Maryl only has me as a so called friend so that she
has someone to talk to. My other friend, Erica, worships
Maryl. I think Erica has a shrine surrounded by dead
peoples heads or something. She says that Maryl knows who
she is and can do anything, and shes SO strong, and rants
on about how great Maryl is. Maryls weak and confused just
like the rest of us. Erica needs to stop worshiping Maryl.
Its pathetic really.