LiL Georgia Girl
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2001-10-30 22:13:45 (UTC)

just another day

Hey all JUst thought i give you all a hint on whats gonna
happen today,
i am very sick i have to go to the doctor
tomorrow for a check up because i been sick for a few weeks
now and am ready to find out what the hell is wrong with
me. lol i dont have to long to type in here because i have
to be to work at6pm and havent even took a shower yet damn
i am slow huh naw i been cleaning my house and getting
ready for my trip to see my baby i hope thing's go right i
do because i dont think i could go tho like knowing
something went wrong, there's alot of thing's i wanna do in
the next hour and i have no time for it the only time i got
left is to get ready for work., i talked to daniel to day
he seems very horney all he wants to do is talk about sex
and what he wants to do with me when i get there., umm can
he love me that much. lol . jk got alot of plans to do
tonight like go to work come on talk on here for a few then
write in my diary oh yea and phone sex lmfao! gotta do that
to night because he misses it and i have to keep my man
pleased! lmao and he has not had any in the last few days
he hasnt called me as much as he does any other time. well
ya'll i hate to just stop in a middle of a store but i have
to take a shower for work see ya'll to night bye all!