The Life of Me
2001-10-30 22:00:14 (UTC)

First Entry Ever

Well here goes nothing. My girlfriend told me I should
start keeping a diary of my thoughts. So I thought what
the heck, let's give it a shot. She doesn't believe in
keeping your emotions bottled up inside till they explode.
She always asks me what I'm feeling, and what's on my
mind. I really like it when she asks me that because it
shows that she really does care. My last girlfriend never
really gave a damn what I was thinking about or what was on
my mind. She was always thinking about herself. When I
would try to express my feelings and my thoughts she would
tell me I was too emotional and to suck it up and be a
man. But my new girlfriend is different she cares about
what I'm thinking and feeling. After going through many
rocky relationships I've finally found the woman that I
wanted in my life. She's a great woman. We met over the
Internet in a chat room. Yeah, yeah I know what you people
are thinking "what a looser!" But believe it or not there
are actually nice people that you can meet over the
Internet. She lives far away and we talk alot on the phone
and over the internet on Yahoo messenger. We finally met a
couple of weeks ago when she came here for two weeks to
visit me and I showed her around the city. She's from a
small little town so to her the city was very big. Anyways
we had a great time. She went back home a few days ago,
and you wouldn't believe how lonely I am without her.
She's really a great woman and I love her very much. Now
it's my turn to go visit her, and meet her family, and her
1 and a half year old daughter. I'm so nervous. I really
want to make a good impression on her family because if I
don't, she won't be allowed to move her so that we can live
together. Most guys would probably laugh at me for wanting
to be with a woman with a child, but I grew up without my
dad being a huge influence on my life and I don't want
someone else to go through that. It's not the child's
fault that her real dad is an asshole. Hey you know what?
My girlfriend is right you do feel better after expressing
your opinions on paper, or in this case online. As
theraputic as this is, I gotta run. Let me just close by
quoting one of my favorite WWF wrestlers, "Have A Nice Day!"
Ahh Mick Foley, gotta love him. :)

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