Blood and Chocolate
2001-10-30 21:34:32 (UTC)

How does your foot taste . . . . ?

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here ! OMG I know I wrote you during class
but umm after that class I had lunch and haha I have the
best story to share. OK at lunch there was this Marines guy
there and he had a pull up bar and all my friends were
like " go and do pull ups, you know you could beat any guy
here. " and i kept saying no and no and no and then my
friends and I were the last ones out of the lunch room and
my friend was like " Come on its your last chance. . " and
I was like " NO " and the Marines guy goes " haha, last
chance to make a fool out of herself, no girl from any
school I have been to has done more then like 6 pull ups
for me . No girl has even gone here , no suprise. " well
that really made me ANGRY . and I was like "ok buddy, I
am going to make you eat your words ." and I took off my
heals ( like 3lbs. each ) and I jumped up to the bar
thing . and the guy laughed and said " anytime your ready ,
i bet you can only do 10 max. " and my friends were like
" holy shit she is mad, she is going to totally kick some
ass ". and guess what , I started to crank out all these
pull ups , and then i stopped when I got to like 50 and I
saw that the guys jaw was like touching the ground. I
jumped down and was like " ok thats enough for a warm
up . " and the guy goes " what are you some kind of
genetically engineerd girl ?" and I was like " Wouldn't
you like me in the Marines ?" and walked away . haha! It
was funny as hell !!! OMG then my friends were like " How
does your foot taste buddy?! " and then they walked away.
haha the guy like called after me and asked if I was
interested in signing up or something like that and I
said " maybe if you wouldn't have been an ass to me to
start with I would have ." haha . It was great ! I amaze
myself sometimes . haha. ummmm well I don't know if I am
going to my brothers soccer game tonight cause I have a
bunch of quizes (sp?) to study for and I have a bunch of
other homework ! oh and I have quotes !!!!! :) ! " There
is nothing more permanent than change." "To admire is to
love with the mind , to love is to admire with the
heart." "Holding onto anger only gives you tense
muscles." "Triumph is just umph added to try." There you
go. Sorry I have forgotten to write them .I gotta bounce