Foretold destiny

Chosen fate, Drowning Eden
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2001-10-30 21:33:26 (UTC)

what happieness is all about

I used to think that depression is comfortable and
happieness is decieving. But then i began to think
differently. I began to realize that when i was
thinking "even though im unhappy and depressed and all im
comfortable with it" i was wrong. I mean.....i began to
realize that true happieness didnt come from having a smile
on your face all the time. Or from being one of the cheery
people. It came from sheer joy and content with being
yourself and who you are. And once i learned that i learned
the diffrence between being a depressed person and being a
quite person. I learned i could still be my quite self
(except with my good freinds who i am loud around) but also
be a happy person. and be content with myself and who i am.
And not constantly look into the past at what was.....but
look into the presant and into the future at what is and
what will be. It is only then that i reached my maturist
(if thats a word) state posible at the point in time in my
life. It is only then....that i realize what life is about.

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