a brat
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2001-10-30 20:25:06 (UTC)

still tuesday

well i think that for now i am going to stay with this one
because the other one was really stupid and made everything
more difficult than it had to be.
just to let anyone who reads this know i am always writing
if it's not in my own journal it happens to be somewhere
i happen to be big on witing and i see it as being a way
for me to express myself because i know that a lot of the
time i have to write things down first because if i dont
when i try to explain the problem to another person it
seems to come out in one big blurb. it all comes out in one
big stutter.
some people may be able to understand that but i have ran
into a lot of people who think that it is stupid and think
that it really isnt worth the effort.
i think that it is because then when i am having a problem
i can always look back on old times and try to figure out a
solution to my problem.