What's on my mind
2001-10-30 19:53:40 (UTC)

The weekend and a little of today

Starting with today, This morning blew almost as bad as
yesterday. I came into work an hour earlier so the
classroom would get set up on time. When I went into the
room there were some people in it sitting around the table
and more people were showing up as the minutes passed.
They then told me that the class was starting a half an
hour early today and asked if I knew that. I said "No I
did not know that". I then asked my boss if he knew and he
didn't know either. Well great! It takes an hour for me
to set up that many PC's by my self. So make a long story
short I had to set up the class with all those people
watching and asking if they can get that computer or one
with a mouse or my PC isn't working. I need time to test
each PC to make sure that they are up on the network.
Needless to say I was not happy this morning.

Now to the weekend. My friend and coworker and I went
to happy hour on Friday with some other coworkers. Boy did
I drink way to much. We started out at Legal Seafoods and
then migrated to an Irish pub called O'Maley's. We drank
some more and played darts and pool. It was a blast. I
did not feel to well in the morning. I just do not bounce
back like I used to. I didn't get sick or anything but my
head was a war zone and I just did not have the stomach to
eat much at all.

Saturday We ran around to look for our costumes for the
party that night at the same friends house. I couldn't
bring myself to drink anything that night. Didn't really
have to. The costumes that some of the people wore were
entertainment enough. One guy walked in with a frizzy
black wig, a tourist type loud shirt with a pillow stuffed
up it to look like a massive beer belly, and a big stuffed
stocking sticking out of his fly to look like a huge penus
with two dangling stockings to represent the genitles. I
almost died laughing when I saw it. That party was fun.

Sunday we went out to the barn and groomed the horse,
then went around to some tack shops to look for a winter
rain sheet for Indie. Then we went home and I laid down on
the couch and watched the WC race and Skins game (can't
believe the Skins looked like a real team and won) the rest
of the day. A well deserved lazy day.

That wraps up my weekend. Will write more when more
comes up.