Evil Twin

Must i have some cute or catchy name for
2001-10-30 19:45:36 (UTC)

The Prodical Son returns!!!

Well, it's been a while since i updated this thing, so i
figured i would let everyone out there in internet land
know what was going on.

I think i will start off by saying, "OUCH!!!" I hurt, i am
sore as hell and i have a bruise on my leg. But goddamn,
was it worth it!

We(the usual crew) were up at IHOP last night, Mark and
Ginger came up. Ginger is an old friend of my moms and mine,
and Mark is a friend and former manager. Anyway, Ginger and
i were of talking and Mark, Tony, and Jon were talking
about the SCA. I think Adele was in on it too, but i am not
sure. They start talking about fencing and it turns out
that we all have the same idea of what it should be-
graceful, elegant, beautiful. Like a dance, almost. problem
is, almost everyone else sees it as, "Rarrr, let's go kill
stuff!" Everyone else goes for a quick kill instead of,
like i said, a flowing dance of blades and bodies.

Tony tells us about the troupe he started at LR college
that does stuff like we were talking about. Someone, i
think it was Jon, suggests that we start a small group of
performers that does staged combat, both fencing and
martial arts. Of course, we were all gung-ho about it and
decided to get started last night. Look out Green Room,
here we come.

We went to the Green Room and stayed there until 4:30 in
the morning. We started off with the basics-lunging,
thrusting, advance and retreat, and parrying. After we had
that down, sorta, Tony actually cooked up an entire fight
scene for us to do, with falls and kicks and swordplay and
everything!!!! As i said before, i am sore as shit(i was
the one taking most of the falls and i didn't know how to
take them), but MY GODS was it worth it!!!!!!