Mystic Haven
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2001-10-30 19:39:31 (UTC)


ughh, a raining tuesday and my fucking dad picked me up. i
wanted to walk home and get all wet & stuff. walking in the
rain is the absolute funnest. i dont care what anyone
says! :p lol, i'm a loser, but i guess it was good that my
day came by. (?) whatever!

today at school wasn't all that bad i suppose. HALLOWEEN's
TOMORROW!! YEEEHAAAAAAHHH! :D lol. i luv halloween, and
besides, i'm going to Sarah's after school & we're doing
something or whatever, i dont know. LOL...dorky meeee!!
:p well, yeh...it's gonna be fun i guess. i'm pretty sure
we're doing something.

god damn, "TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD" book to be read my
tomorrow. i have another 15 damn chapters? what's up with
teachers giving so much work around the same time? why
don't they space it out a bit. i'm sure they 'channel' each
other and talk about giving work all at the same time to
make us stressed out...and i mean, WHY HAVE A TEST the DAY
after HALLOWEEN?! :p i know someone who's gonna fail this
one (not pointing any elbows...mwah.....cough, cough..ME).
ha! oh well, fuck chemistry. i did good on most of the
other stuff, so if i fail, WOOP-DEE-FUCKING-DOO!!!! got
it?! i'm just sick of all the shit.

well, tomorrow's halloween. i better go and try to scam
some notes or something for tomorrow. :d

10.30.01 - 4:04pm