Happy days, and then those other ones
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2001-10-30 19:22:09 (UTC)

i can't be sick

k... like i'm supposed to be going to france in just (eek!)
2 months or less, so i cannot get mono, cancer, or any long
term illnesses that I, the hyprochondriac, naturally think
i have. for instance, my head always hurts, i'm always
tired - even now when i went to sleep at 9 clock last night
and didn't get up til 6:45 - my through hurts, and i've
been nausious for the last month. Not to mention dizzyness
that i've always had. Oh, and the strang stabbing pains in
my stomach and lower back that appear and disapper at
random all the time. So being the hyprochondriac that i
am, genetic tendency that i got from my grandma who thought
that she had skin cancer becuase she had freakles because
the woman doesn't wear sunblock, but really it was just dry
skin, i am a bit worried that i will never leave and that i
will die a vergin in Cdga and never do anything
remarkable. damn. but i don't have cancer or mono or
anything horrible and life-threatening! damn! so, i'm
fine, and i won't get sick, cuz if i do get sick i'm not
going to tell anyone and go to france anyways cuz i really
have to live my dreams, but that will make it worse and
they will send me home on my deathbed. but at least i have
lived. damn... i always talk about death.

dustindustindutinsdusitniscoming! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~little woman-like man french woman-like god is gracious

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