No Use For A Diary
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2001-10-30 19:21:25 (UTC)


Ok so yesterday was my birthdya...it was fun except for the part where my car died! That's right...my car is dead...gone...
the fan won't turn off so it killed the battery...then i got it jump started...and the fan still wouldn't turn off so it killed the battery again.
I got to talk to joe so that was good. I like joe. He's cool. I'm lucky to have a friend like him. He's just a really good guy.
I had a dream that Zack was bossing me around. It was gay.
But...the big news is what happened last night! My roommates made me a cake...It was all pretty and pink..and it tasted so good. I don't like cake...or any sweets, for that matter, but this one was damn good!
They also bought me the little kids flower table from target that I wanted. I forgot about it. They totally surprised me. Oh, and a yoga video. Cuz I'm always talking about yoga. I think I'm gonna do it today. Yoga is rad ass!
Also, I had another dream about Marty last night. I am really trying to get over him. Really. But I keep having dreams about him. Just stupid dreams...but he's there.
anyway, i'm gonna shower and get some breakfast.

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