2001-10-30 19:18:46 (UTC)

My New Journal

Sup Journal,

Im sitting in my boring english 1 class writing
about stupid superstitions. My friend Cassie is so freakin
annoyin. Shes sitting here hittin my arm like its a bug or
something. rofl. well i broke up with my g/f the other day.
i felt tied down. u know how this is. or do u? i keep
forgeting yur a complex server made up with millions of
circuts. lol ( i was about to say book but that wouldnt
work ) im about to go to band and work on some christmas
parades i love band. other ppl dont understand like
football jerks. i would like them to try to march, ha! i
can play football but they cant march its funny. well i
gotta go see ya book lol