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2001-10-30 18:38:18 (UTC)


i sit with the sun baring down on my back
enclosed in these walls
sheltered from the cold outside
feeling the ice creep around my organs
and i realize
that maybe i could fall in love with this boy
if he would only leave me a message
on my machine
that maybe i could be his forever
if i could only hear that voice
on the other end of the line
and i feel the ice creep farther
sitting in a room
with a natural and beautiful boy
just wishing that i could meet the one
whose voice i hear in my dreams
sitting with someone real
and waiting for the apparition
the faint voice singing in the background
disillusioned with reality
infused with the illusion
and i just wish
that i could meet the boy on the line
that the voice was someone else
that came and knocked on my door
sitting here in a room
waiting for the phone to ring