Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
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2001-10-30 18:07:25 (UTC)

"Please, relax, and tell me what's on your mind"

OK, so I haven't updated anything. I only write this diary
when I get a notice, I haven't written anything in my blog,
and I haven't finished workin' on my site, and I haven't
even updated Elfwood...this time, I'm really busy, with the
year ending and all that. My teachers give me so much work
to do!! Eek, I hate it when years have to end...everything
is work, work, work...bleah.
And it's official: I'm a Sherlockian...eek.-

In case, I don't write anything anymore, HAPPY
HALLOWEEN!!! I'm almost done with my Eternal Sailor Moon
costume. I'll take pics, and post 'em on my site, whenever
mom developes the film...