i am woman hear me roar
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2001-10-30 17:42:07 (UTC)

on my way

today is tuesday and im on my way out to get a copy of my
divorce papers and find out what i can do so that my ex
husband doesnt walk all over me again. i am way to strong
and happy to let him get to me.(we were married 15 yrs) he
hates the fact that when he calls or sees me im so happy
(even if i have to pretend sometime he will never see me
sweat) im also way cuter, sexier and outgoing then his new
wife who would love to be the mother of my
children.....NEVER!!!!! im about to show them what im
really made of.....their going to regret being mean to me
and will never try to use me for their door mat there!!!

i also have a hair appt at noon for a color and cut and
then im having my nails done!!!! RED!!! cuz thats a power
color and an energy color and everytime i look down at my
nails and my 3 carot wedding ring(from my new husband max
of only 1 week 4 days) i will remember how powerful i
really am!!!!

o.k.............ill write later


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