Lost Slut
2001-10-30 17:25:40 (UTC)


my mistress is driving me nuts..with her convo's on the
phone..i no longer can play with my i have to
wait for our meeting this to highten my cum free
state..she has taken to tezze got so bad last night
that i had a dream..i was in a maids outfit.. that was too showed off my thong panties...i was in fuck-me
heels..with a mistress was there..dressed as if she
was at work (office wear)..there were four or five men
there..real one of the guys felt under
my dress and found out i was a male..mistress acted as if
she was in shock..told them that i was some kind of
freak..that i was a homo that thought he was a girl.. i
can't say any thing my voice is gone...the men said that
they can help with that..that they could teach me a
lesson..with that i am bent over the back of a love
seat..thongs ripped off...forcable..thats when i woke
up..with the biggest hard on ever..i called my mistress a
bitch out loud..i was so horny..i am not bi or gay or
anything...but now she has me thinking of cock..even while
i sleep..i just want my cock to cum..i know
once she reads this my cock will be locked up for 60
days..but i had to say it..its how i felt..i hope all this
stays in the dreams..later

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