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2001-10-30 17:24:47 (UTC)

well, i have to babysit again..

well, i have to babysit again today, this time till 9,
there was trouble at H.'s lastnight, *sigh* seems E.'s
mother got a little upset, for why i have no idea, so she
went to the police, then to H.'s work, yelled at her, had
some woman there who was supposed to make sure H. went
home, and e.'s mother told her that if she didnt leave know
her kids would be without a babysitter cause her daughter
was going home! the police called and talked to my sister
they asked if E.'s mother was there and she said yes and
the officer said "now i told her not to go there! is there
a big woman with her?" H. said yes, and the officer told
her that the woman was there to make sure she went home,
so, the officer called another officer to go to the parking
lot in case anything happened, the manager even went over
to talk to H. i told her she was going to get fired!
anyway, the girl went home, i dont know if she will be back
to babysit or not... oh, and E.'s mom told my 6 year old
niece that she was going to call someone to take her off
her mommy, i was pissed at that, you dont tell a 6 year old
that crap, any kid for that matter!!!!
neway, went up to H.'s lastnight, i told her i wont be a
babyistter i have things to do, i have a life and im going
out, she said well, i need a life to all i do is work,
ummm, well, should have thought of that before ya got
knocked up!!! im so tired of it! everyone says well, what
about Angie?? well, Angie, is fuckin tired of doing
everything!!! this is her life let her figure it out!!! ne
way when i told her i have things to do, she just acted
like that wasnt important, she said when i go out i can
take tay with me, i dont think so! im not dragging a kid
around with me, bullshit! shes not mine!! looks like ill
have to do a disapearing act again!!!! *sigh*

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