2001-10-30 16:52:45 (UTC)

Update time

2001/10/23 11:32 Go vote on it. I sorta feel obligated to
go to the Anniversary Dinner, but I really want to see
Lifehouse. And the last time I did something with the
Klingon club, I missed seeing New Found Glory.

2001/10/24 20:58 I am working on my costume. My new Avatar
is a clue. I have almost all the things I need for it. It's
going to be soooo cute!!!

2001/10/25 08:28 I seldom remember dreams, but I did last
night. Ofcourse it seems weird to me... In it Bill and my
grandmother went with me to visit Gary. He lived in a
apartment complex, that reminded me of something out
of "Tank Girl".
In my dream, when we got out of the car, all these people
rushed out of their houses and they picked Bill up at and
started cheering. Then people started taking pictures of
him. he was smiling and waving alot.
Then Gary came out, only Gary was this blue eyed little
Asian guy with a spiky hair. And he spoke very quickly and
was very hyper. His house was very messy in an orderly

2001/10/26 08:16 It doesn't look like I will be going.
My request for time off, has been denied.
Too many people off for that time already.
2001/10/26 13:47 I really love HBO's Oz. I think it has to
do with all the actors who are also on my favorite show,
Law and Order.
Anyway for several seasons, I have been lusting after the
guy who plays Hoyt. I was watching the credits the other
night and caught his name, Evan Seinfield. I did a search
on him and come to find out, he is the singer for
Now, I know of Biohazard, but I couldn't tell you a single
song they have. I think they are about to become my new

2001/10/27 17:07 Ahhhh... RX Bandits were okay. H20 were
awesome. New Found Glory was unbelievable. They did my
favorites, "Eyesore", "Sucker", "Winter of 95" and "Glory
of Love" *sigh*. They even did 2's and 3's. I evidentally
was dehydrated because I started having muscle spasms and
had to get out of the pit. Pretty strange and wack feeling.
I just went over to the nearly empty Beer Garden and
watched the show from there

2001/10/29 09:33 I added a new poll. And I have removed an
old one. It seems more people would eat another human then

2001/10/29 19:14 I'm leaving you tomorrow...but she already
left...she already left me

Well my old Nissan is gone. The city said she had to go. So
on the tow truck she went. It was sad, she might have been
ugly but I loved her. She will now sit in front of my
mechanic's house until he gets his ass in gear and fixes
her. I will miss her.

2001/10/30 09:27 I downloaded a bunch of their stuff. I am
listening to it at work, and they sorta remind me of
Suicidal Tendicies. I don't think this will be a cd that I
will listen to often.

2001/10/30 11:30 I thought I wrote about going to the
Fetish Ball at Ground Zero. Ummm I guess I was wrong. It
was nothing I haven't seen before, we watched people get
spanked and whipped and tied to a rack. I was tempted.
Marco was wearing Kelly's skirt and got hit on by another
guy. There was some eye candy there, all kinda young. My
brother told me that the owner was checking me out. Creepy.