My Life
2001-10-30 16:48:35 (UTC)


I guess I should start this diary with stuff about me I am
a 30 yr old white female. Married and have two kids, aboy
20 months and a girl 5 yr the loves of my life. We own a
townhome in Minnesota. At this time my mother and my
brother live with us so it's very congested at our house.
We have our good and bad moments right know it's bad. But
I'm trying to work things out. I write to vent and to help
me understand things better. It also helps to take the
stress off for awhile. I come from a very large family and
a close one. My mom and dad where emergancy foster care and
adopited 24 children when we where growing up. All my
brothers and sisters know their real parents but choose to
live with my family cuz of problems at home. I wouldn't
trade it for the world. We don't always see each other alot
but we still keep in contact the youngest is know 27 yr. I
have two nalural brother one older and one younger. I also
have 2 adoptive sisters and 22 adoptive brothers. it was
crazy growing up but one thing is for sure we all felt
loved and never thought other wise. I miss my granparents
alot, poppa was like my best friend. He past away in
November 1999.He had part of his small intesten rote and
dye.Grandma past away in 1994she told us on a Friday that
she had 6months to a year and past in 4 days. We took care
of her at their home. She had cancer and it took over her
body. She willed her body to shut down and it did. That was
the hardest funeraly to go to at the grave site I freaked
out and started screaming not to put her in the ground. My
best friend had to take me to the car. If it wasn't for
Allen I wouldn't have made it through.So know that you got
a little history I'll write more later.