2001-10-30 16:42:28 (UTC)


ok... It's been a couple days and I've been good, I've been
really like tired of everythinmg. Theres drama--
-OK.. so I guess that Matt slept with Robyn and Emily back
in July or some shit and he was still with Jill and now she
doesn't want to be with him because of that and he doesn't
know any of this beacuse he's in the D.H. I love Matt ok
he's my friend and I'm not gonna be able to like see him
because I only saw him around jill.
Ok Now to my boys,
I don't think that I like James anymore.I don't know....
Were friends and that's all I think of him as, I don't
know. Ok but there is this guy that I kinda like, that I
liked before, Dan, and Dan is great I liked him in 9th for
a while. And like we talk all the timeand today 4th period
we teft and went to get food, he is so funny I;ve never
like laughed so hard in a while, he made my day, I would
like to go out with him, but I know what kind of girls he
likes. Tall thin long blond hair, that kind of stuff, and I
am completly not that!!! BLAH!!!!

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