confused, permanently
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2001-10-30 16:26:49 (UTC)

my best mate si

ive never really had anything bad happen to me or anyone
close to me. ive been quite lucky, never seen anyone close
to me die and m mum and dad still live together. all until
my mum sat me down last night and said ive got some bad
news, my heart sank. my best mate simon had been taken to
hospital. i just thought he'd been in a fight again or
something. "he's got meningitis" she said. it had led to
such bad septiceamia that he had to have both his legs
amputated. he had recently started a business course at
college because he wanted a career working with horses. hes
been put to sleep for 3 weeks while his body recovers. they
said he still might not make it, we just have to sit, wait
and hope

sez x

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