the envious pen
2001-10-30 16:14:38 (UTC)

5.30 am

i was on a ladder in my spackling-dusted downstairs rear
apartment sanding a fresh coat of spackle from the ceiling
before i painted the bathroom and went to work. my nasel
passages are filled with white crusty boogers and my eyes
have this white goopy muck in them that crowds the corners
and slides beneath the lids.

i will be in there againn painting tonight, scraping away
the excess, and attaching fixtures adn fittings. my mate
will be around to help install a ceiling fan/light. can't
wait until wednesday evening when the job is done and we
can relax.

still thinking about whethere we shouls pull up the carpet
in the main room, but with 36 hours to go i am a little

at least we are off to Maryland and the coast on Friday
evening for some beers and relaxing and fun with old
friends i have not seen in four years and my wife has never

will try relax then.