My Life
2001-10-30 16:09:31 (UTC)

I met Tom last night...

I have been talking to this new guy named Tom who lives
about an hour away. He mentioned in his first email that he
does not really fit into my criteria, he's an inch under my
height requirement, a couple years older than I was looking
for and he livees farther than 30 miles from my house, but
he seemed nice and so we've been talking. He has a great
chocolate lab who's only 7 months old.
So he calls me yesterday and says he'll be coming out my way
and would I like to meet for a drink. Then it comes up about
have I ever clipped dogs nails, Maggie needed hers clipped
and he was afraid because one time he did it and he made the
dog bleed. So I agreed to meet him and to clip her nails. He
was a little late because he almost got a speeding ticket!
Poor guy! But he talked himself out of it I guess. He is an
attractive man, and we had a great time talking. We had a
couple glasses of wine and just talked. He's very
encouraging and thoughtful. Then I met maggie and clipped
her nails, took her to go potty, i had a great time with
So I'm not sure he's dating material, we'll see, but he'd at
least be a friend I think.
Then I talked to Terry last night, had to talk to him before
I went to bed, he's on the road again on his way to SD. He
said he'd be home he thinks by Sunday and maybe I'd like to
go to dinner. I told him I would, but maybe he'd be too
tired. So we'll see. I'll work at the Humane Society until 4
pm, but it'd be really nice to see him.
I work 7:30 to 4:30 now, so it's going to take a little
getting used to getting up early. Tomorrow I have to be here
by 7 to help with a delivery. I get to go with my guy
co-worker who's a pain in the ass. Won't that be fun.
More later.