The Ways of a Strigo Vi and Draconian
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2001-10-30 15:58:14 (UTC)

The New Day...

Its the new day of prophecies. I begin this day of Odens
with the years prophecies and such. The Strigo Vi walk,
Gwydion rises, and the gates of Draconia open. We are
faced with the daily struggles now becoming the yearly
struggles as the century of Pisces ends and the new century
of Aquarius begins. We will now be faced with new
struggles, things we have never faced before. All said the
world would end and all hell would brake lose. Why? Who
knows what dumb lout would come up with these moronic
things when the new age hasn't even began yet. The age of
Aquarius has begun this year of 2001 after the so called
lord, which i call nothing but propoganda. So, what could
possibly happen this century that is so different from the
past? Well, lets think about total chaos for a few
moments. The Strigo Vi will begin to walk amoung us. Half
the realm of the this place called USA will be broken up
due to earth quakes and the tectonic plates shifting
dramtically. The year of Aquarious means dramtic change.
We will have to face this in the next 100 years. Gwydion
will rise, and show his true power. War shall rise and his
magic shall regin over this world for years, creating the
darkness he has risen from. And the gates of Draconia
shall open for all to see and wonder. The gates offer hope
and spirituality. During these times when the gates are
open, a whole new age opens, a whole new life. Something
comes down from a new world, something new, something we've
never seen. After darkness there is light. The gates
shall open some light for some, and then there shall be
more years of darkness for others. These are prophecies,
never take them seriously. I have the sense, the vision to
see into others and into the time it self. These visions
are also dreams. But we warn...

Till next day of Odens...