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2001-10-30 14:46:36 (UTC)

A Gift

With the end of Daylight Savings Time, we received a gift.
The gods of time--technically, the laws of the land--gave it
to us. An hour. Sixty full minutes. All ours. All free.
I know it's just the hour we lost last April but it feels as
if it's free. Now I know the purist would say that the
hour actually came at 2 a.m. and that we all slept it away
but who wants to accept that? Not me! You've got it but
you don't even know you've got it? I don't think so. I
spent my hour early in the morning, listening to the rain,
picking out fabrics for some quilt blocks, drinking coffee,
and enjoying the changing colors of the leaves on the
snowball tree outside the sliding glass door next to my

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour....
William Blake
That was a disappointment! We went to the Central Valley
Church this morning to get our flu shots only to find that
they'd canceled the clinic. [We are eligible to get our flu
shots early as the entire household is considered high risk
because of Hugh's heart condition.} It's too bad they
didn't give more notice to people. Some went to work or
school late in order to try to get their shots and I also
saw several elderly, frail looking couples who'd driven from
Brownsville, 10 miles away. only to find a sign saying that
the clinic had been canceled. This was the only clinic
the Linn County Health Department had planned for this area
and was heavily attended last year. There was no explanation
as to why it was canceled. [I found out later it was because
they still hadn't received their vaccine. No information as
to whether or not it will be rescheduled.]

I called our family doctor to schedule John's annual
physical and while I had the receptionist on the phone I
asked her when they would have flu shots available.
"Sometime in November" was all she could tell me. They are
late with them, AGAIN! I know people are worried about
anthrax but influenza kills 20,000 people a year so you'd
think the health officials and vaccine makers could get
their act together and get flu shots out in a timely manner.
I went to the Halsey Market with a rather eclectic list.
Some were things Safeway had been out of (green onions and
sewing pins) and some were coupon items (two pounds of
Tillamook cheddar cheese and a pound of soft margarine). It
was the manager who happened to check me out and I asked him
if he had any small, individual Halloween candies this year
as I usually get these for the boys but he said he hadn't
stocked any this year. He added that he was glad about
this decision as he thought there would be far fewer
trick-or-treaters this year because of the anthrax scare.
This surprised me. Halsey, after all, is a tiny town with
fewer than 700 people.

Still, I saw in the "Halsey Happenings" newsletter the city
distributes that there was a little article offering
reassurance that our water system was enclosed and secure so
no one should have any worries on that score. People were
calling city officials because they were worried someone
would tamper with the water system of a tiny little town
like us? I guess so or they wouldn't have included that
notice. I find that odd. Aimee thinks that it may be older
people who are over-dosing on CNN. CNN can do that. It's
why I don't watch it.
I finished putting the binding on the Leap! Quilt and hung
it over the sofa in the living room. It looks very nice,
indeed! So nice I took a couple of photographs of it and,
while I was it, of the decorated mantelpiece with the
Halloween decorations on it and above it. I also finished
binding the Bowtie Quilt and that one went straight on the