Electric monkey
2001-10-30 14:45:54 (UTC)

10-30-01 [just spilt pop on myself, dont care.]

9:30am--im sitting at home. while everyone else is off to
school. if i were there id be in Speech class. im not too
sad. although im sick... =( i feel like shit. its not too
fun. i woke up at my regualr time this morning [5:45] and
there was no way i was getting up.. [uuuuhhhhgggggg] i got
up and turned my alarm off and i had a very heavy, morning,
sick feeling. and im all stuffed up.. and and........ =(
i will miss seeing ppl at school today, though..
right now im sitting here... watching the tv... MTV.. cause
i saw a video i wanted to see, and i juts have never
changed it off there yet. yep....
i need to find a good topic for my BIG english speech...
and it has to be something interesting.. cause i have to
talk about it FOREVER and a day.. soo ive got to have a lot
to say about it.
dang it... i dont want to be sick.., and i hope this doesnt
last till Saturday, cause i ahve to take the SAT on
saturday... bleh..... =
i had a weird dream last night. worth telling maybe. maybe
not though, cause it involves ppl that i actually know.. so
ill just call them B&C. [heh] you can figure it out for
yourself. so anyway. I was going over to B's house, only in
my dream, B wasnt B at all, she was actually A. [another
person i know]. so i was going to A's [Bs] house and when i
got there i parked like a mile away so they wouldnt see my
car.. and i walked the rest of the way. when i got there i
went up to the door, and just went right in.. then i saw C,
and A{b} had a business of embrodering or something/ and
they were hard at work, in their little house, sewing crap.
then.. C saw me and just stared and so i ran away. then i
heard C say "i see someone!" so i ran some more.. only to
find myself in the Kitchen of the house... so A[B] stayed
down stairs to sew while C came up, and then C saw me.. and
it scared me. we slowly chatted... which was odd, and then
i ran back down and ran outside and got to my car.. and
drove my car down there..
then i dont remember much after that.
but... uh, i bet that was really confusing for you, but, it
makes sence to me. so,yeah. =|
i spilt my pop on myself and i dont even care.. and now im
arm is all sticky... i want to tke a shower.... that might
make me feel better... but definatly less sticky.
but im so comfy here sitting in my chair all wrapped up in
my blanket..... sickness sucks.......
well, im going to go, till i have something interesting to
say. bye.
[the sickly one]