the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2001-10-30 14:02:11 (UTC)


hey i know i havent written in a few days so i figured id
let you know i was still alive
david is coming in 2 days and i still cant wait to see him
havent seen chris in like forever
he uses the excuse that my cell doesnt have any minutes
im thinking well you know where all my classes are on
campus and you know where i normally am so why not come
find me

but whatever its all good....i was told last night by my
neighbors that i was a jewel and that they were very proud
of me and wished my luck with school....." i know you'll
make it." quote unquote
that excites me as well
its always good to have positive re-inforcement
apparently everyone thinks i need it lately
i have had a couple of my guy friends telling me constantly
that im beautiful, then my neighbors, then before i left
work last night my manager sara told me that i was doing a
great job and to have a great night...followed by one of my
fellow hostesses telling me how much she enjoyed working
with me...which was weird b/c i thought she hated me

i dont know its great and i love it
it keeps me in high spirits but odd no less

well i must scurry off to bio lab
have a good day
love the kelly

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