my thought's deep inside
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2001-10-30 13:40:57 (UTC)


well my brotheris moving in a day but hey he is 18 right?
well i guess the reason i am going to miss him is i always
got along well with him and with him moving it didn't help
the depression i am already going through. so doday i have
a meeting with the school and my dad about all the verbal
abuse thats been going on the things kids say to others has
a big affect on how the person feels about there self it
really is hard to get up in the morning to go to school
knowing you will have to deal with all the shit at school
it's not a good felling. i really am thankful for all of
your feedback thanx. i hope that it will all fall in place
soon and be all ok well the bell just rang g2g buy
send feedback please
sincerely yours chris