2001-10-30 13:16:18 (UTC)

sup playaz?

yo whats happinin? not a dang thing here. i'm sooo tired
though cause i havent been sleeping well.

omg ok, there is this girl that i met over the summer when
i went to my cus's wedding and my other cus shes my age
brought 3 friends. and i hung out with them all night. and
this one girl..... wow we had a great time together,
dancing and holding hands and all that stuff, but then
before i knew it the night was over....... :( :( i gave my
cus my address to give to her so she could write me.

well i had thought she had forgotten me, but i got a letter
2 nights ago from her!!!!! it was soo awesome, now we talk
all the time and its great.

well thats about all thats going on with me, well.....yeah
my life is pretty boring lol. gotta run. seeeeee ya

Play on playaz
Keep it real thugs
Chill homies

dont ask lol

love all