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2001-03-16 03:50:36 (UTC)

Oh well... I guess I can t have..

Oh well... I guess I can't have that drink yet u know this
is like really private and stuff is great I have another
diary somewhere on the internet and stuff but this one is
so much better then the other one I have right now... this
is more adult and more business like you know the other one
is kinda like a kiddie like Yea i know you wonder why I
have that one then... well I had it for a while and it has
just been "there" u know what I mean.. I think My boyfriend
is Bisexual *sigh* he say he is straigh and shit then why
does he ask me " Would I still go with him if he was bi?" I
was like No cause I told him I don't like to share. I mean
I have nothing against Gay people but if u decided to go
out with a another person regardness of gender you still
should let the your partner know... Is the right thing to
do you know... God I hope he isn't cause I really care and
I am falling in Love with him...... :*(