Bisexual Life, basic i guess
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2001-10-30 12:30:22 (UTC)

Oh? Whats this? Another entry?

Mmmm, well i got some feedback. Furby, thanks for the
support girl! Emy you too! You guys are great! No thanks to
Tito, that fucking bastard. It helps me come to a
conclusion, that i probably cant keep a good thing. This is
the second time me and Shakee almost broke up, pinky and
the brain were taken from me, i lost my best friend. So
that means im probably gonna lose furby and emy too. And
Not to mention, i know im gonna lose shakee one of these
times. I know it. Havent talked to cube in sometime.. she's
got a bf ya know. Hmmm and a few, meaning one... of my
readers said that my journal was interesting.. Checking up
on myself lately, like during this past week. Turns out ive
been doing everything wrong... Shakee told me i didnt have
to not sneak out for her anymore cause she thinks its fine
cause im not alone im with nikki. Emy and her have been
being nice to one another for me.... FOR ME! HOW THE FUCK?!
Why? im not even worth the trouble! Hmmm, oh, found out why
i was depressed. My period came right on schedual... which
is odd cause i just had one like a week or two ago...when i
May or maynot have been pregnant. So this came as a
surprise to me. Wasnt quite expecting to be having my
period again this soon, unless there's something wrong with
me. Pfffffffft oh well. Oh, all my journal entries and
everything will now be on livejournal, i still have them
encrypted. I am moving to the other site because there i
can get all the dates fixed up. OH well, im gonna go now,
ill talk to you later. Btw, me and shakee are ok, and i
want to clear zenia's name here, I MADE A MISTAKE. She is a
great girl. But i dont like the fact that she tells shakee
things. I got news for you Zee, i love her! Dispite what
you make her think. Its true. And there you have it! Well,
anyhow, Im sorry i said those nasty things about you.
You're a great girl, and i apreciate it if you wouldnt say
anything like that again... i know it was days ago, but
still. YOu said them. I mean for fucks sake! i got you and
shakee to be friends agian. Im sorry if i did anything to
make you think that way, but i still wanna know what i said
before the entries come back. What did i put in them that
hurt or made you, zee think that i would ever think of
hurting shakee?

--G.G. frustrated again