Monties life
2001-10-30 11:09:48 (UTC)

To eat or not to eat Beef...

Dear Diary~
Tonight couldn't have been any worse. I don't
understand veganism. They would sacrifise their own
families for animals... I wouldn't ever be able to give up
someone I love for an animal. Now Marshall on the other
hand... He's different. He's my baby. I don't consider
him an animal. Anyway, these girls were saying that beef
isn't good and that anyone who eats it isn't a good
person. I am a very good person. I have never pushed
something that i believe on someone else... It's not
right. These girls wouldn't listen to reason. All they
could do is fight and yell and call names. Lizzie kept
throwing in these witty remarks that kept me smiling. It's
because of her that i was able to outlast those two. The
vegan kept putting us down. So much yelling. It didn't
make me feel very good. I felt like yelling, but I was
determined NOT to stoop to their level... I am a bigger
person than that.
The guild is going well. I think that my newsletter
lit a fire under some butts and people started posting and
getting involved... It feels good to make a difference.
I slept in way too late today. I woke up at 2 in the
afternoon... I know, I know... I shouldn't sleep so late,
but when i finally get to sleep, i don't want to wake up in
fear that I won't be able to sleep any more... Tomorrow is
Jon's day off and he says that my car is finally gonna get
washed!!! Can't wait! It really needs it...
Earlier, I was looking through the photos of the last
family vacation we took. It was the summer before my
parents got devorced. Now that I look back, I don't think
that I have ever seen my mother look so happy. You should
see her now. She radiates beauty and happiness in anything
she does... I am happy for her. That vacation run through
really threw me for a loop. I didn't realise that I wasn't
happy. In every picture I looked so sad. I didn't know.
Now, when I look at my pictures of my adult life, I seem to
glow. I didn't realise that back then, I was so unhappy.
I don't want my kids to ever feel that way. I will go out
of my way to make them happy.
Sitting at this computer for so long is making my back
hurt and my butt too. :) It's time for me to crash. Talk
in the morrow.