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2001-10-30 07:44:17 (UTC)


Typing late at night, when all I want to do is sleep,
I could lay there in bed, but not sure what I'll think,
The noise in the night, the shadow in the corner of my eye,
Turnning my head to find it was nothing,
Who or what caused all my fear,
I was just a child who knew no better,
Now I am an adult, and I still have no answer,
The chill I get, followed by my tears,
In the night if it shall ever happen,
I freeze in my bed, I hide in my sheets,
So I turn on a light I feel much better,
Hope to sleep and not wake till the sun is here,
When a new day has arrived, I forget what has happened,
lets hope it all goes away, and it will never ever happen.
I have all the belief, I try not to think,
What if I was face to face with what has haunted me forever,
Who know's what I would say, or what i would do,
I may just sream I may just be still, not say a word,
Try to hold my breath, close my eyes, and try to forget,
I will now go lay down, and hope not to dream,
Of un answered visions,
All I ask is to be protected from my crazy imagination,
To sleep through the night without being afraid,
Wake to a new day, And not find anything else,
That makes no sense, throughout the house.

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