Dave's Mental Meanderings
2001-10-30 07:35:27 (UTC)

Poem - "The Road"

Oh to see the things you've seen,
The lonely nights and the days between,
The dreams colored in then washed away,
The burning spirits of yesterday
Whose legacy will never die.
The new generation breathes a sigh,
For the rules are different now.
They ask themselves how
They can feel your grace
Without losing this wretched race.
A thousand legends to look upon,
But that time is done and gone,
And in its wake
Are hideously fake
Reflections of a better time.
A churchbell's chime
In a nameless town,
Railroad tracks rusted brown,
Wildflowers by a diner in Alabama,
The vast bayous of Louisianna,
The Mississippi majestically flowing,
Crossed by bridges all-knowing
Of the plights of thousands of men who have dared
To kiss the sky without being scared
Of the American Dream.
The stars, they gleam
Over the valleys of Tennessee,
A young man who can finally see
Gazes with wonder,
Ready to plunder
All the treasures of life.
He sees past the carnage and strife,
And he knows there's no better way
Than to drive head-on into each day,
Burning with a flame
No politician can tame
Or extinguish.
His only wish,
His only plea
Is to be free,
Free to pack up his bags and go,
Doesn't even need to know
What's at the end of that long red line,
As long as sunset's fading shine
Is watching him from behind,
He'll have all night to clear his mind,
The solitude of the highway's night
Makes everything seem alright.
And he'll keep on going as long as it takes,
Despite all the imitations and fakes.
He has a dream that will never die,
He'll take the road less travelled by.