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2001-10-30 07:28:27 (UTC)

30/10, 3.39pm at bedroom

huh, mid-term again, i hate exam. anyway, studies are
important to us anyway, so, we need to deal with any exams
and papers although we hate those things so much.

these two days u stayed with me, i am glad abt that
indeed. well, however, i knew u were not quite comfortable
coz the bed is not big enough; and my family members'
attitude are simply too shit. indeed, i feel shame as one
in this shit family.

i hate them, simply more than anyone in this world. well,
what the hell i've done wrong to have them as my family?
what i've done wrong so that they would treat me like
that? but i'm not interested in finding the answer
anymore. it's ok since i can find what i want from the
world by myself. i've power to creat my future.

i don't care whether there's any misunderstanding in my
family. i don't care whether they would know they've done
sth so wrongly and unfairly on me. i've changed my
attitude to them, changed.

when we had lunch, she told u that she's been a restaurant
and had sth like lunch buffet... it's ok. if i heard that
before, i might scold her for eating something that she
shouldn't eat, now, well, it's ok for me to hear that just
like hearing a story. it's not my business, it's her
business. and most importantly, another 'she' will "care"
abt her anyway as she "claimed" that she's been caring abt
here "silently". fine, so fine. in fact, since that day,
everything abt them is not my concern anymore.

i hate exam as much as i hate my family.