down in my eyes
2001-10-30 06:38:59 (UTC)

My first day....

Hmmm... my first day at having nething near a
homepage..let alone.. an online diary.. besides
the "cuddy page" my cousin recently started, dedicated
to me.. =).. which is such a sweet thing she suprised
me with.. :)

SoOo..because im new at this,.. wut few viewers i'll
prolly get..(if any..) .. forgive me.. if i do a
crappy job..

Wellz, i must say..with the waave of ppl getten those
"sub profile" thingeys.. 'n my curiousity.. 'n simply
because i jest need a mere way to vent out.. i've
decided to do this, here, online journal thingey-ma-

My day's been tiring, as usual.. but..'tis been a
rather neutral one for me..THANKfully..

In choir this mornin, the teacher announced that we
won't be having a concert (performance) this
semester... =( .. i'm soo bummmed.. 'cos it WAS my
whole motivation of joining the choir.. even tho i
suuuck.. i loove the feelin'.. of bein on
stage.. Of performing. & now... the class seems
sorta kinda pointless.. .. Oh well. i'll jest try to
be as optimistic as possible... i dunno, maybe i'll
make myself (falsely) believe that there will
eventually be one?

Who knows. Just trying to fulfil thee objective
here, of my diary's first entry.
Wutever happens in life.. is beyond me

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