LiL Georgia Girl
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2001-10-30 05:47:56 (UTC)

My first Diary

Hello Everyone today is my first day writing in my diary so
i hope you all come again to see what i have going on in my
life , so now i am gonna tell ya'll all a little about my
self Names Toni,i am a 18 year old female from Savnnah
Georgia, I work at a murphy gas store, i date a guy that
lives in Texas he's 35 years old and his name is Daniel, i
am in love with him an plan to leave thursday night to go
and meet him for the first time i bet you people are all
out there think how can a 18 year old be in love with a 35
year old or better yet someone she's never meet well i seen
pictures of him and he's seen my i feel like i known him my
whole life, well let me tell ya'll alittle bit on how we
i was datin a guy name Alan and we broke up i had
no friend but the friends on the inter net so i got to
talking to him from a chat room before that and we became
friends well i went to him talking a bunch of shit on how i
just wanted to kill my self he understood everything and
told me he just had the same thing happen to him a week
before i did, so he knew how i felt well we got to talking
and he told me alot of thing's i didnt know i let me know
my life was more important then any guy in the world and i
shouldn't kill my self, he was there for me more then
anyone i knew more then my mother, he help me though a bad
time and i wanna thank him for that, daniel and I got close
then anyone i know and we decide to try and have a
relationship on here well now it's been close to 5 months
and thing's are going good i live Thursday night to go to
texas, and the best thing is he's gonna fly to Savannah
first so i do not have to drive 20 hours by my self, aint
that so sweet :*) well, guys and girls to night has been
long i cant wait til tomorrow to tell you more so i hope
you enjoy tonight why i say more tomorrow please come back
again and enjoy thanks for taking the time out to read my
diary about my life and my love of my life...

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