2001-10-30 05:45:21 (UTC)

your blank stare reflect the..

your blank stare reflect the world.
as you see it.
and it makes me mad to think.
that i tried to give you light.
im tired of your apathy.
its getting really fucking old.
the way you over compensate.
for the things you feel.
i know i cant be what you want.
but, you know, i never really was.
you had a painted imagae of me.
inside your closed eyelids.
i never lived up to your expectations.
of what morality.
or love.
or justified pain.
really is.
i was just convienient.
for you to fall in love with.
because i was the one.
holding your hand.
listening to you speak.
and telling you, you were beautiful.
you never really saw me.
you were sleeping the whole time.
in your little cozy bed.
with your oh so processed lines.
who are you to tell me.
that i was the reason you cried.
who are you to tell me.
i am the person who lied.
i think you were crying for yourself.
and i think you lied to yourself.
i know i didnt do the talking.
from the driveway
to my bed.
you had your story written.
before i ever came around.
and i wish that you could hear me.
through your cotton stuffed ears.
but i know that this is really pointless.
so i think ill end this here.