Diary of a dope fiend.....
2001-10-30 04:42:31 (UTC)

the love we share..seems to go nowhere.....

Today has been one boring ass day.... first i wake up, and
the cable's out..grrr! that sucks so much shit, and i STILL
have no god damn mail... i wrote my BF like 3-4 days ago
telling him how i felt and shit and i told him i'm willing
to fight for us...and it doesnt seem like he does and
crap...just a bunch of stuff... it was a really long e-
mail...and STILL no response.. i think hes avoiding it or
something.. cause i mentioned to him about this whole
"thing" he has with that faggot (of corse i didnt say that
i said his name, but again im not using names in here)
ugh!! its so frustrating... why cant he just write me back.
anywho.. i was suppose to go to my friends house tonight
but she never came to get me. She got off work at 9:30 and
now its almost 12!! grr!! i just wanna kick something
*turns stereo up louder* yes! manson hes great for moods
like these. anywho... i guess i should get off here and do
something productive or whatever.. i'll probably just go to
sleep seems like the only thing to do right now.
ciao for now