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2001-10-30 04:41:53 (UTC)

Nothing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey whats up! Nothing much here! does any one read this???
If anyone reads this write me! Fords rule! I had a great
time with my g/f this weekend she is a really sweet person!
I dont know where I would be with out her! I love her so
much!She means a lot to me! I would do anything for her! I
will always be there for her!Yes it is very hard having
long distance relationship!But I am moving closer to her so
it will get better as time goes on! It would be so cool if
we went to the same college!That would be great! I am so
bored there is nothing to do!!!I wish I could be with
SHELLI !!! I MISS HER SO MUCH!!! well it is getting late
so I will write later!!!! BYE!!!!!!
~~~~~~~~~~SHELLI I LOVE YOU~~~~~~~~~~~~