Damsel in Distress

2001-10-30 04:18:56 (UTC)

I Guess it is a Good Day

well, i am exploring my options. i have a date wednesday!!!
i guess that is good. just feel weird lately. i have gained
a lot of weight, but that was not my fault. its going to be
fun...I HOPE. well, we are going out on halloween...omg i
am all nervous. i guess i am going into shy mode. i wasnt
shy on my last date. but, i didnt weigh as much on my last
date. anyways, i will just be myself, and if someone doesnt
like me for myself then they do not deserve me. i am not
egotystical. i am not extremely self-concious but if i am
not comfortable with the way i am now then how can i expect
someone else to be? anyways, i am just going to relax and
if he doesnt want me then screw him!!! i am intelligent,
kind, caring, responsible, controversial, friendly, daring,
adventurous, fun-loving, rain/night loving, and i am
comfortable with the person i have become. i should be
comfortable and have confidence in myself and with myself.
i have come to a point in my life where nobody can hold me
back from doing what i want to do or being who i want to
be. i am at a point where i am completely satisfied where
my life is going.
-damsel in distress