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2001-10-30 03:50:24 (UTC)

Hi Everyone

Well it's been a hell of a Halloween weekend. We did three
shows for Rocky and two at the zoo. And we still have one
more show to do at the Zoo this Wednesday. Afterwards
everyone in the cast is coming over for a halloween party.
Since my neighbor is back from the hospital there might be
some problems. But Im just going to let him know that I
have friends and its Halloween and Im going to have a party.
If he doesn't like it he can fuck off.
But anyways I have had alot of fun these last three days
and I am glad were doing Rocky again. Hopefully we may be
doing it once a month in the Quarter at the 735 Club.
That's all the news I have for now and just letting
everyone know what's been going on. I talk to everyone later.
Heaven Watches Eternally