What's up now?
2001-10-30 03:49:19 (UTC)

wow dude....

I have had an almost very fun/exciting day! Its been VERY
productive!!! I had class(of course!) then came home
napped a bit, then went and worked out, came home ate some
scrumptious food, showered real quick, went to the library
and studied for like 2 hrs, then came home and went to
TASK, then Hall Council, the went around and delivered
pumpkins and now...I'm going to RELAX!! Tonight was the
premier of Boston Public, SO at 11 Erin, Rachel, and
I...maybe janet too, are going to sit and just relax!
Sounds good I know...but after a day like I have had today
I deserve it, dont you think. Then I'll be off to gear up
for another day just like today...Class, sac, studying,
History Meeting, Programming Committee Meeting, PB meeting,
study...ahhh....This is the life I love though :) Keeps me
busy! Hehe....Plus it keeps my mind from wandering to
things that can wait :) Two big tests this week, but there
is a little fun planned for the week! Wednesday, being
HALLOWEEN and all...We're having a halloween party in the
dorm, little kids are coming to trich-or-treat, and then
its off to a halloween party!!! woooo!!!! I'm sooo
excited :) I am either going to the hottest prostitute at
the wayside, or else I am going to be the best looking AM.
Flag yet!!! hehehe :) SHould be good times....anyways
thats it for me, I'm also movin in with Pat :) Rachel and
I are going to trade off nights :) hehehe...